“We loved the Treasure Hunt, especially the clues! It gave my 5 y/o daughter more than an hour of fun. She immediately set it up again for her father to solve. A year later, she asked me to set it up again for her and declared it should be an annual tradition!”


“We are huge fans of Mr. Halloweenster and his Treasure Hunt!”


“My kids had a blast doing Mr. Halloweenster’s Treasure Hunt, they loved running around the house and solving the clues. They spent the rest of the afternoon creating their own treasure hunts for my husband and me. It really helped get us all in the Halloween mood!”


“Our family had a blast with Mr.Halloweenster’s Trick-or-Treat Treasure Hunt – our boys really let loose as they searched throughout the house for their treasure – definitely a fun time for kids and adults alike!”


“My children, ages 11 and 8, completed the hunt several times on the first weekend it arrived. They have begged us (the parents) to do it again every weekend since. The hunt is simple and easy to follow for all ages.”


“The Treasure Hunt was awesome! It saved Halloween 2020. Thank you, Mr. Halloweenster!”